Special Guest   Mar 26, 2021

Bill Roedy: from MTV frontman to philanthropy – a lifetime of global service

An in-depth conversation reflecting on a trailblazing career

This week is our ‘Special Guest’ episode, where host Chris Wright brings you intimate one-to-one interviews with key people in media, business, politics and beyond. In this episode, Chris is joined by Bill Roedy, former chairman and chief executive of MTV Networks International. 

The conversation begins reflecting on Bill’s early career in the United States Army, how he commanded three NATO missile bases during the Cold War, and the leadership traits he took with him from the battlefield, to business.

Together they discuss how Bill and his team built a global operation from scratch, with the aim of distributing to every household in the world, creating a product which “reflects and respects local culture” and become an important part of youth culture. 

They also exchange views on a variety of other topics including Bill’s role in bringing down the Berlin Wall; encounters with Nelson Mandela; and his life-changing work as a global health ambassador, working with charities including UNAIDS and the Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunizations.

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Episode published: Mar 26, 2021

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