Deep Dive   Jun 23, 2022

Brexit: 6 Years On

With Julian Jessop, Marina Purkiss & Lee Harris

Looking at the impact of leaving the EU, on the six year anniversary of the referendum.

In this week’s Brexit ‘Deep Dive’ special, Chris is joined by economist Julian Jessop; political commentator Marina Purkiss; and political commentator Lee Harris to debate the impact leaving the EU has had, on the six-year anniversary of the referendum.

The conversation begins with guests discussing the upsides that we have achieved and how Brexit is making our everyday lives better. Beginning with the example of the vaccination programme, and debating how the UK was able to move faster than other European countries, thanks to being independent of the EU.

Guests delve into the state of the post-Brexit UK economy, and the forecasts for 2023, debating whether there is evidence that Brexit is responsible for pushing up the rate of inflation. They chew over the problems the country has faced since the vote to leave, and question the correlation between this and the economy. 

They also discuss current labour shortages, travel chaos, trade deals, and supply chain issues, questioning whether this is a result of leaving the EU or in fact, a current global problem, and how much COVID-19 has played a role in these problems. 

Finally, they reflect on the overall position the country is in 6 years after the referendum, and look into the future at what further opportunities or consequences Brexit presents.

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Episode published: Jun 23, 2022

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