Deep Dive   Sep 24, 2021

Will there be turkey for Christmas?

With guests Adam Schwarz, Paul Lewis, Marina Purkiss & Dr Curly Moloney

Deep Dive   Sep 10, 2021

Climate Change

With guests Andy Vesey, Jessica Long, Chuck McCutcheon & John Vidal

Deep Dive   Aug 13, 2021

Overcoming the hospitality staff crisis

With guests Kate Nicholls, Martin Murray & James McAllister

Deep Dive   Jul 30, 2021

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

With guests Hannah Wilks, Dr Peter Olusoga, David McDaid & Alex Bellotti

Deep Dive   Jul 16, 2021

Heartbreak, chaos, and fan violence – The Euro 2020 final

With guests Nick Blackburn, Rachel Wearmouth & Alison Bender

Deep Dive   Jul 2, 2021

A divided nation – five years on from Brexit

With guests Anand Menon, Isabel Oakeshott, Adam Payne & Jemma Forte

Deep Dive   May 21, 2021

International travel in the Covid Era

With guests Natalie Grover, Helen Coffey & Hugh Morris

Deep Dive   May 7, 2021

Elections 2021: Is ‘Super Thursday’ a sign of a major realignment in U.K politics?

With guests Philip Collins, David Maddox & Ryan Capperauld

Deep Dive   Apr 23, 2021

The collapse of the European Super League

With guests Richard Foster, Alison Bender, Nick Blackburn & Tom Watt

Deep Dive   Apr 9, 2021

The future of football

With guests Michael Ball, Paul Barber, Nick Blackburn & Rob Draper

Deep Dive   Mar 12, 2021

Where do the royal family go from here?

With guests Angela Levin, Tunde Banjoko OBE, Rory Lynch & Rachel Hosie

Deep Dive   Feb 26, 2021

The roadmap out of lockdown

With guests Mick Booker, Vicky Pryce & Natalie Grover

Deep Dive   Feb 12, 2021

Will Brexit stop British acts touring Europe?

With guests Emma Banks, Midge Ure & Jamie Njoku-Goodwin

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