Deep Dive   Feb 23, 2023

‘Fake History’

With guests Otto English

Deep Dive   Dec 16, 2022

Who is on the naughty list?

With guests Supertanskiii and Marina Purkiss

Deep Dive   Oct 24, 2022

Rugby Needs Rethinking

With guests Ian Ritchie, Mark Rigby, and Chris Jones.

Deep Dive   Sep 16, 2022

Remembering HRH Queen Elizabeth II

With guests Willie Carson, Laura King and Mick Channon

Deep Dive   Jun 23, 2022

Brexit: 6 Years On

With guests Julian Jessop, Marina Purkiss & Lee Harris

Deep Dive   Jun 16, 2022

Afghanistan 10 months after the 2021 Taliban Offensive

With guests Chris Kinder & Kitty Chevallier

Deep Dive   May 16, 2022

Russia’s offensive in the Donbas region – the make-or-break effort for Vladimir Putin

With guests Bill Roedy

Deep Dive   Mar 18, 2022

What could a Russia-Ukraine peace deal look like?

With guests Bill Roedy

Deep Dive   Feb 25, 2022

The Gambling Act Review – Are all bets off?

With guests Philip Davies, Jon Bryan & Emmet Kennedy

Deep Dive   Feb 11, 2022

Biden vs Trump round two? Let the battle commence!

With guests Daniel Lippman, John T. Bennett & Aaron Parnas

Deep Dive   Dec 23, 2021

Wright on the Nail 2021: British and International Icon Award

With guests Georgina Godwin, Angela Epstein & David Henig

Deep Dive   Nov 19, 2021

COVID – is the end in sight?

With guests Dr Julia Patterson, Alok Jha, Natalie Grover & Ben Clover

Deep Dive   Nov 5, 2021

Northern Ireland protocol

With guests Emma DeSouza, John Cotter & Cathal McCall

Deep Dive   Sep 24, 2021

Will there be turkey for Christmas?

With guests Adam Schwarz, Paul Lewis, Marina Purkiss & Dr Curly Moloney

Deep Dive   Sep 10, 2021

Climate Change

With guests Andy Vesey, Jessica Long, Chuck McCutcheon & John Vidal

Deep Dive   Aug 13, 2021

Overcoming the hospitality staff crisis

With guests Kate Nicholls, Martin Murray & James McAllister

Deep Dive   Jul 30, 2021

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

With guests Hannah Wilks, Dr Peter Olusoga, David McDaid & Alex Bellotti

Deep Dive   Jul 16, 2021

Heartbreak, chaos, and fan violence – The Euro 2020 final

With guests Nick Blackburn, Rachel Wearmouth & Alison Bender

Deep Dive   Jul 2, 2021

A divided nation – five years on from Brexit

With guests Anand Menon, Isabel Oakeshott, Adam Payne & Jemma Forte

Deep Dive   May 21, 2021

International travel in the Covid Era

With guests Natalie Grover, Helen Coffey & Hugh Morris

Deep Dive   May 7, 2021

Elections 2021: Is ‘Super Thursday’ a sign of a major realignment in U.K politics?

With guests Philip Collins, David Maddox & Ryan Capperauld

Deep Dive   Apr 23, 2021

The collapse of the European Super League

With guests Richard Foster, Alison Bender, Nick Blackburn & Tom Watt

Deep Dive   Apr 9, 2021

The future of football

With guests Michael Ball, Paul Barber, Nick Blackburn & Rob Draper

Deep Dive   Mar 12, 2021

Where do the royal family go from here?

With guests Angela Levin, Tunde Banjoko OBE, Rory Lynch & Rachel Hosie

Deep Dive   Feb 26, 2021

The roadmap out of lockdown

With guests Mick Booker, Vicky Pryce & Natalie Grover

Deep Dive   Feb 12, 2021

Will Brexit stop British acts touring Europe?

With guests Emma Banks, Midge Ure & Jamie Njoku-Goodwin

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