News Roundtable   Mar 24, 2023

Lockdown, Taxes, Immigration, and the Superpowers

With guests Freddie Bailey, Emily Carver, Lee Harris, and Narinder Kaur

News Roundtable   Mar 16, 2023

Banks, Budgets, BBC, and Taiwan

With guests Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Vicky Pryce, James Chater, and Edward Hardy

News Roundtable   Mar 10, 2023

Tackling Immigration, Sue Gray, and the Dodgy Honours List

With guests Jess Barnard, Edward Hardy, Christina Patterson, and David C Bannerman

News Roundtable   Mar 3, 2023

The Lockdown Files and The Windsor Framework

With guests John O’Brennan, Rosie Wright, David Osland and Lee Harris

News Roundtable   Feb 17, 2023

Sturgeon Resigns, Starmer v Corbyn, and ‘The Palace of Spendminster’

With guests James Schneider, Suzanne Evans, Ryan Capperauld and Narinder Kaur

News Roundtable   Feb 10, 2023

Zelensky’s Address, Tory Mayhem & China’s Balloon

With guests Christina Patterson, Lee Harris, Emily Carver and Jess Barnard

News Roundtable   Feb 3, 2023

Bullying, Boris, and Brexit

With guests Samantha Smith, Freddie Bailey, Rosie Wright, and John O’Brennan

News Roundtable   Jan 27, 2023

War, Taxes, NHS – what a mess!

With guests Narinder Kaur, Charlie Bayliss, Nima Tavallaey Roodsari and Edward Hardy

News Roundtable   Jan 20, 2023

Rampant racism, misogyny and corruption – can the Conservatives win the next election?

With guests Suzanne Evans, Narinder Kaur, and David Osland

News Roundtable   Jan 13, 2023

Harry’s bombshell and Bolsonaro’s botched Brazilian coup

With guests Samantha Smith and Murad Qureshi

News Roundtable   Jan 6, 2023

New year, new excuses, same sh*t

With guests Jemma Forte, Rupert Lowe, and Freddie Bailey

News Roundtable   Dec 8, 2022

Labour uproar or Conservative extinction?

With guests Dan Hodges, Christina Patterson and Dr. Mike Galsworthy

News Roundtable   Dec 1, 2022

Qatar World Cup 2022 – FIFA’s Pitchside Politics

With guests Murad Qureshi, Emma Burnell, and Nima Tavallaey Roodsari

News Roundtable   Nov 25, 2022

Starmer, Strikes & Scandals

With guests Marina Purkiss, Larry Sanders, James Schneider and Andrea Hodgkinson

News Roundtable   Nov 18, 2022

Austerity Budget & Trump for President 2024

With guests Supertanskiii, Claire Fox and Edward Hardy

News Roundtable   Nov 1, 2022

Braverman’s Cabinet comeback & Sunak’s COP27 snub

With guests Ali Milani, David Prescott and Emily Carver

News Roundtable   Oct 20, 2022

News Roundtable: Truss is gone – who’s next?

With guests Ben Smoke, Murad Qureshi and Samantha Smith

News Roundtable   Oct 13, 2022

The Economy, Immigration & Policy U-Turns: Tories in Trouble?

With guests James Meadway, Freddie Bailey, and Leilani Dowding

News Roundtable   Oct 6, 2022

Liz Truss: sink or swim?

With guests Suzanne Evans, Tom Peters and David Osland

News Roundtable   Sep 29, 2022

Are we all f**ked? Where does the UK go from here?

With guests Supertanskiii and James Freeman

News Roundtable   Sep 22, 2022

the UK-US trade deal & Liz Truss’ presence on the world stage

With guests Christina Patterson, Jemma Forte, Paul Duddridge and John Nicolson

News Roundtable   Sep 8, 2022

In Liz we Truss

With guests Marina Purkiss, Ashok Kumar and Dominique Samuels

News Roundtable   Sep 1, 2022

Au revoir Boris Johnson & union strikes

With guests Don Williams, Emina Ibrahim and Douglas Beattie

News Roundtable   Aug 25, 2022

News Roundtable: Cost of living latest, economic downturn, and Boris Johnson’s legacy

With guests Pamela Fitzpatrick, James Meadway, Suzanne Evans

News Roundtable   Aug 11, 2022


With guests Frances Leach, Lance Forman & Nazir Afzal

News Roundtable   Aug 4, 2022

The cost of living crisis – heat or eat?

With guests Christina Patterson, Duncan Weldon, Liz Webster & Chris Morris

News Roundtable   Jul 28, 2022

News Roundtable: NHS workforce crisis, Dover chaos & RMT strikes

With guests Dr Julia Patterson, David Henig & Jeevun Sandher

News Roundtable   Jul 22, 2022

News Roundtable: The Race for No.10: Sunak vs. Truss

With guests Otto English & Esther Krakue

News Roundtable   Jul 15, 2022

News Roundtable: The Conservative Leadership Race – who will come out on top?

With guests Marina Purkiss, Calvin Robinson & Vicky Pryce

News Roundtable   Jul 7, 2022

News Roundtable: Boris Johnson’s resignation & Can Keir Starmer “make Brexit work”?

With guests Christina Patterson, John O’Brennan, Sophie Corcoran & Freddie Bailey

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