News Roundtable   Sep 22, 2022

the UK-US trade deal & Liz Truss’ presence on the world stage

With guests Christina Patterson, Jemma Forte, Paul Duddridge and John Nicolson

News Roundtable   Sep 8, 2022

In Liz we Truss

With guests Marina Purkiss, Ashok Kumar and Dominique Samuels

News Roundtable   Sep 1, 2022

Au revoir Boris Johnson & union strikes

With guests Don Williams, Emina Ibrahim and Douglas Beattie

News Roundtable   Aug 25, 2022

News Roundtable: Cost of living latest, economic downturn, and Boris Johnson’s legacy

With guests Pamela Fitzpatrick, James Meadway, Suzanne Evans

News Roundtable   Aug 11, 2022


With guests Frances Leach, Lance Forman & Nazir Afzal

News Roundtable   Aug 4, 2022

The cost of living crisis – heat or eat?

With guests Christina Patterson, Duncan Weldon, Liz Webster & Chris Morris

News Roundtable   Jul 28, 2022

News Roundtable: NHS workforce crisis, Dover chaos & RMT strikes

With guests Dr Julia Patterson, David Henig & Jeevun Sandher

News Roundtable   Jul 22, 2022

News Roundtable: The Race for No.10: Sunak vs. Truss

With guests Otto English & Esther Krakue

News Roundtable   Jul 15, 2022

News Roundtable: The Conservative Leadership Race – who will come out on top?

With guests Marina Purkiss, Calvin Robinson & Vicky Pryce

News Roundtable   Jul 7, 2022

News Roundtable: Boris Johnson’s resignation & Can Keir Starmer “make Brexit work”?

With guests Christina Patterson, John O’Brennan, Sophie Corcoran & Freddie Bailey

News Roundtable   Jun 30, 2022

News Roundtable: Boris Johnson, Transportation Strikes, & Roe v. Wade.

With guests Jemma Forte, Dominique Samuels, & Mike Galsworthy

News Roundtable   Jun 9, 2022

No-Confidence Vote & The Future of the Conservative Party

With guests Isabel Oakeshott, Richard Taylor & Marina Purkiss

News Roundtable   Jun 1, 2022

Royal Platinum Jubilee, Boris Johnson’s Premiership & Travel Chaos

With guests Nadira Tudor, Poppy Wood & Cat Neilan

News Roundtable   May 27, 2022

Monkeypox, Sue Gray Report & Rising Living Costs Hit

With guests Will Jennings, Dr Julia Patterson & Neil Mackay

News Roundtable   May 20, 2022

Northern Ireland Protocol, Wagatha Christie trial & Partygate fines

With guests Nicole Lampert, Dr Jennifer Cassidy & Emma Burnell

News Roundtable   May 6, 2022

Starmer vs Johnson, Local Elections & Cost of Living Crisis

With guests Isabelle Oakeshott, Peter Cardwell & Matthew Stadlen

News Roundtable   Apr 28, 2022

Care homes scandal, sexism row in parliament & Elections Bill

With guests Joe Mayes, Alex Haege, Marina Purkiss & Dawn-Maria France

News Roundtable   Apr 21, 2022

Partygate inquiry, Wimbledon’s ban on Russian players & a global food crisis

With guests Caroline Frost, Richard Vaughan, Chris Curtis & Liz Webster

News Roundtable   Apr 14, 2022

Partygate fines, Rishi Sunak’s apology & UK asylum seekers sent to Rwanda?

With guests Geri Scott, Vincent Moss & Vicky Pryce

News Roundtable   Apr 7, 2022

War crimes, Rishi Sunak’s hopes of becoming PM & privatising Channel 4

With guests Arieh Kovler & Kevin Schofield

News Roundtable   Mar 31, 2022

P&O ferries, Partygate fines & the Oscars slap

With guests Angela Epstein, Richard Taylor & Will Jennings

News Roundtable   Mar 25, 2022

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, Brexit rhetoric & the spring statement

With guests David Henig, Christina Patterson & Neil Mackay

News Roundtable   Mar 11, 2022

The UK’s response to Ukraine’s refugee crisis

With guests Dawn-Maria France, Duncan Weldon & John Inverdale

News Roundtable   Mar 4, 2022

Russian invasion of Ukraine

With guests Matthew Stadlen, Marta Dzhumaha, Fredrik Erixon & Oz Katerji

News Roundtable   Feb 18, 2022

Putin’s pressure on Ukraine, “sunshine tax” & Rees-Mogg’s new job

With guests Otto English, Jemma Forte & Jonathan Sacerdoti

News Roundtable   Feb 4, 2022

Boris’ bad behaviour & the future of the Conservative party

With guests Simon Fellowes, Naomi Smith, John Ashmore & Christina Patterson

News Roundtable   Jan 28, 2022

Sue Gray report, Ukraine crisis & Brexit checks at Dover

With guests Patrick Daly, ​​Daniela Nadj, Kieran Andrews

News Roundtable   Jan 21, 2022

Deepening ‘partygate’ scandal & scrapping BBC license fee

With guests Nazir Afzal, John Cotter & Anoosh Chakelian

News Roundtable   Jan 14, 2022

Djokovic’s visa saga, PM’s party apology & Sir Tony Blair

With guests Tim Bale, Jamie Jenkins, Alain Tolhurst & Dawn-Maria France

News Roundtable   Dec 17, 2021

Omicron wave, soaring inflation & by-election defeat

With guests Vincent Moss, Jonathan Sacerdoti, & Rachel Wearmouth

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