News Roundtable   Oct 15, 2021

Covid passports, anti-vaxxers & the ‘cancel culture’ debate

With guests Nicole Lampert, Matthew Stadlen, Richard Taylor, Angela Epstein

News Roundtable   Oct 1, 2021

Fuel crisis, panic buying & HGV driver shortages

With guests Tom Reddy, Liz Webster, Julian Jessop & Lucy Webster

News Roundtable   Sep 17, 2021

Vaccine buses, supply chain issues & Boris Johnson’s Cabinet reshuffle

With guests Vicky Pryce, Richard Barfield & David Townsend

News Roundtable   Aug 20, 2021

Crisis in Afghanistan – Airport chaos, humanitarian assistance & UK-US relations

With guests Yvonne Ridley, Oli Dugmore, Chris Kinder & Kitty Chevallier

News Roundtable   Aug 6, 2021

Travel changes, scrapping furlough & Priti Patel’s Channel control

With guests Georgina Godwin, Gavin Hewitt & Matt Dathan

News Roundtable   Jul 23, 2021

Northern Ireland protocol, Olympic Games scandals and tackling the ‘pingdemic’

With guests Iain Dale, Robert Shrimsley & Georgina Bailey

News Roundtable   Jul 9, 2021

Euros 2020, lockdown restrictions controversy & private education – pathway to privilege?

With guests Christina Patterson, Marina Purkiss & James Johnson

News Roundtable   Jun 25, 2021

Delays to ‘freedom day’, Dido Harding’s NHS job hunt, and funding for new royal yacht

With guests Vicky Pryce, Joe Mayes & Sam Bright

News Roundtable   Jun 11, 2021

Tory donations, foreign aid row & a hospitality crisis

With guests Jo Maugham, James O’Malley, Penny Richards & David Ellis

News Roundtable   May 28, 2021

Cummings’ testimony, the BBC Bashir scandal and trouble in Belarus

With guests David Banks, Simon Fellowes, Joy Lo Dico & Joe Mayes

News Roundtable   May 14, 2021

Labour’s cabinet reshuffle, the Queen’s speech & Scottish independence

With guests Harriet Line, Sunny Hundal & Geraldine McKelvie

News Roundtable   Apr 30, 2021

The Post Office scandal, a social media boycott & India’s Covid-19 catastrophe

With guests Janet Boyle, Charles Arthur & Otto English

News Roundtable   Apr 16, 2021

Travel uncertainty, complaints over Prince Philip coverage and the return of the British high street?

With guests Christina Patterson, Ryan Howsam & Adam Schwarz

News Roundtable   Apr 2, 2021

David Cameron’s lobbying scandal, personality politics and holding politicians’ to account

With guests John Rentoul, Marie Le Conte, Simon Fellowes & Marcus Ball

News Roundtable   Mar 19, 2021

Police brutality, anti-vaccine sentiment and the Grammys’ record-low ratings

With guests Euan Rellie, Angelina Chapin & Edward Davies

News Roundtable   Mar 5, 2021

Budget 2021, Pontins’ secret blacklist and plans for No.10’s makeover

With guests Penny Richards, Michael Wilson & Cliff Fluet

News Roundtable   Feb 19, 2021

Quarantine Hotels, the reality of Brexit and yet another Cummings controversy

With guests Ben Page, Nazir Afzal OBE & Alastair Campbell

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