Deep Dive   Sep 10, 2021

Climate Change

With Andy Vesey, Jessica Long, Chuck McCutcheon & John Vidal

Addressing climate change in a post-pandemic world

In this week’s episode, host Chris Wright is joined by Andy Vesey, entrepreneur, award-winning energy executive and host of the ‘Investing in Zero’ podcast; Jessica Long, head of climate change and sustainability practice at Ipsos MORI; Chuck McCutcheon, editor of Bloomberg Law’s environment and energy desk; and John Vidal, former editor at Guardian Environment, for a ‘Deep Dive’ conversation on climate change.

The conversation begins by discussing how far science and the world has come in combating climate change, referencing the 1992 Earth Summit when climate change was “barely on the map”. Together, with predictions of heatwaves, high temperatures, flooding and rising sea levels becoming a reality, guests consider why there has been limited action, and the collaboration needed to solve this issue globally. 

The discussion moves on to talk about generational differences around engagement with the climate change movement; how this is reflected in political voting, and how the  pandemic has caused a “trust vacuum” around government, allowing industry to take a greater stance. 

They compare UK-US action, sustainable infrastructure investment, what we can expect from COP26 – and whether they are optimistic about reaching worldwide net-zero goals.

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Episode published: Sep 10, 2021

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