Deep Dive   Nov 19, 2021

COVID – is the end in sight?

With Dr Julia Patterson, Alok Jha, Natalie Grover & Ben Clover

Booster vaccines, “corridor care”, and the future of the NHS

In this week’s ‘Deep Dive’ episode, host Chris Wright is joined by Every Doctor chief executive, Dr Julia Patterson; The Economist’s science correspondent, Alok Jha; health and science journalist, Natalie Grover, and Bureau chief at the Health Service Journal, Ben Clover.

The conversation begins by discussing the current Covid situation in the United Kingdom in relation to the NHS, with reports of 5,000 patients waiting a year for their treatment. Guests consider the effectiveness of compulsory public health measures, and whether the booster vaccine is successful in increasing immunity to the virus.

The chat then moves on to discuss the extent of “corridor care” in England, and how this practice impacts nursing staff and patients. They debate whether the government is likely to impose a winter lockdown, and the need for greater attention on the most vulnerable people in society, who have been shielding throughout the pandemic.

Together the panel highlights concerns around fake vaccination certificates, rising levels of abuse towards hospital staff, NHS funding, and science and politics in the era of covid.

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Episode published: Nov 19, 2021

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