Deep Dive   Nov 5, 2021

Northern Ireland protocol

With Emma DeSouza, John Cotter & Cathal McCall

Making sense of the protocol and questioning what it means for the future

In this week’s ‘Deep Dive’ episode on Northern Ireland protocol, host Chris Wright is joined by Emma DeSouza, writer and commentator for The Irish Times Opinion – and Vice Chair at ‘’; John Cotter, Law lecturer at Keele University, barrister and EU legal specialist; and Cathal McCall, professor of Politics and International Relations at Queen’s University Belfast and author. 

The conversation begins with guests reflecting on the 2016 referendum, questioning how Britain arrived at this point, and delving into the many intricacies that came to light early on in the process. 

The discussion then moves onto “get Brexit done,” as guests analyse the Brexit proceedings so far – sharing their thoughts on the possible implications of a hard border on the island of Ireland, and what this could mean for Irish thinking following the aftermath of The Good Friday Agreement. In the wake of recent mobilisation within Ireland guests ask why issues appear to not be being tackled head on, and debate the arrival of a political tactic, ‘project fear.’ 

Finally, guests chew over the “hasty deal” itself pushed forward by Johnson and Frost – and look towards the future, questioning what this could mean for both Ireland and England on an international stage, with interest brewing in mainland Europe… 

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Episode published: Nov 5, 2021

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