News Roundtable   Sep 8, 2022

In Liz we Truss

With Marina Purkiss, Ashok Kumar and Dominique Samuels


In this week’s ‘News Roundtable’ episode, host Chris Wright is joined by Marina Purkiss, political commentator, Ashok Kumar, academic and author, and Dominique Samuels, broadcaster.

The conversation kicks off with the panel sharing their reactions to the announcement of the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss. They discuss their thoughts on whether she can deliver on her new promises of creating an economic boom in the country by reducing taxes — will this work?

The discussion moves on to analyse Liz’s first ever PMQs and her new cabinet. They agree that there seems to be a different tone across the government and question how this will pan out compared to Johnson’s government and Keir Starmer’s Labour party.

Together, the panel debate the idea of green fracking and whether this is possible and if it is a solution to the energy crisis. Is fracking a red herring? They argue alternatives to solve the energy crisis and question why Liz Truss is not investing in solar and wind energy. The panel discusses the idea of energy rationing and debates if drastic measures should be taken.

Finally, they discuss the status of the Great British Pound. Will the decrease in its value prompt investment and boost the economy?

Will Liz Truss be leading the Conservatives into the next general election?

All this and much more debated on this week’s Wright on the Nail!

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Episode published: Sep 8, 2022

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