News Roundtable   Mar 3, 2023

The Lockdown Files and The Windsor Framework

With John O’Brennan, Rosie Wright, David Osland and Lee Harris


In this week’s ‘News Roundtable’ episode, host Chris Wright is joined by Jean Monnet, Chair in European Integration at Maynooth University, political commentator John O’Brennan, Times Radio Presenter, Rosie Wright, political journalist, David Osland, and political commentator, Lee Harris.

The conversation kicks off with the panel discussing “The Lockdown Files,” revealing former Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s private messages with other government ministers regarding important COVID decisions. Why were they leaked to the Telegraph by political journalist Isabel Oakeshott? Is Matt Hancock right to feel betrayed? 

The scandal resurfaces questions within the panel on the government’s handling of the pandemic. Together, they discuss the significance of the leak for the UK Covid-19 Inquiry. The panel highlight the possible motives for releasing the messages. Was it an anti-lockdown agenda? To taint Sunak’s Northern Ireland success? Or just cut-throat journalism? 

The discussion moves on to Rishi Sunak’s Windsor Framework for trade between the UK, EU and Northern Ireland, debating who benefits most from this significant post-Brexit breakthrough. 


‘I Hit The Nail Right On The Head’ by Billy Bremner. 

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Episode published: Mar 3, 2023

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