News Roundtable   Jul 7, 2022

News Roundtable: Boris Johnson’s resignation & Can Keir Starmer “make Brexit work”?

With Christina Patterson, John O’Brennan, Sophie Corcoran & Freddie Bailey


In this week’s ‘News Roundtable’ episode, host Chris Wright joins Sophie Corcoran, broadcaster and political commentator; John O’Brennan, Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration at Maynooth University; Christina Patterson, journalist, writer and broadcaster; and Freddie Bailey, Labour Councillor and Cabinet Member for Community Wealth Building at Preston Council.

The episode begins with the panel sharing their reaction to Boris Johnson’s resignation and questioning if he is capable of staying on as a caretaker Prime Minister until September. They discuss the number of cabinet resignations from the Conservative Party. Will Boris be able to refill the Cabinet before his departure?

The panel then debates Boris Johnson’s legacy and if he was successful in “getting Brexit done” they consider the media’s influence on Brexit and Johnson’s premiership. The discussion then moves on to Keir Starmer’s Brexit redress, questioning his motives behind it. Is it a plot to win back northern “Red Wall voters”? 

Together, they look to the future and share their predictions on who could be the next Prime Minister, what could happen in the next general elections, and what a Labour coalition government could look like. 

All this and more debated on this week’s Wright on the Nail.

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Episode published: Jul 7, 2022

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