News Roundtable   Oct 29, 2021

Budget 2021, Brexit fishing war & sewage outrage

With Joe Mayes, Paul Lewis & Steve Howell


In this week’s ‘News Roundtable’ episode, host Chris Wright is joined by Joe Mayes, Bloomberg Brexit and politics reporter; Paul Lewis, financial journalist and broadcaster; and Steve Howell, former Corbyn advisor & BBC journalist –  and author of his latest book, ‘Collateral Damage.’ 

The conversation begins by discussing fresh tensions around the so-called fishing war between Britain and France over post-Brexit fishing licenses. Guests explain how the dispute has escalated to threats such disruption to trade and energy supplies, and consider whether retaliation could spiral beyond fishing. 

The chat then moves on to debate the Budget delivered by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, asking to what extent it was politically targeted, contemplate a worrying outlook for living standards; discuss levelling up, and what was missing from the spending review.

Together guests also chew over proposed plans to take tougher action against water companies for pumping sewage into rivers, and share whether they are optimistic about the upcoming COP26 conference in Glasgow.

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Episode published: Oct 29, 2021

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