News Roundtable   Aug 25, 2022

News Roundtable: Cost of living latest, economic downturn, and Boris Johnson’s legacy

With Pamela Fitzpatrick, James Meadway, Suzanne Evans


In this week’s ‘News Roundtable’ episode, host Chris Wright is joined by the director of Harrow Law Centre, Pamela Fitzpatrick, Director of the Progressive Economy Forum, James Meadway, and Political commentator and founder of Lipoedema UK, Suzanne Evans.

The panel discusses the current cost of living crisis in the United Kingdom and the increased inflation rates. They explore the potential causes of this economic downturn and how the Conservative leadership candidates plan to solve this growing issue. They delve into Liz Truss’ failure to address growing inflation rates during her campaign. 

The conversation then moved to analyse recent polling of Conservative voters, which finds that a large portion of the party would like to see Boris Johnson back as Prime Minister. Together, they discuss the likelihood of seeing Boris back in No. 10 and what kind of legacy he has left.

The panel shifts to discuss Emily Maitlis’ comment on the BBC having a board member who is an “active agent of the Conservative Party.” They also touch on the political polarisation of mainstream news. 

All this and much more debated on this week’s Wright on the Nail!

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Episode published: Aug 25, 2022

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