Deep Dive   Feb 23, 2023

‘Fake History’

With Otto English

AN IN-DEPTH DISCUSSION ON ‘Fake History: Ten Great Lies and How They Shaped the World’

In this week’s ‘Deep Dive’ episode, host Chris Wright is joined by author and journalist Otto English to discuss his book Fake History: Ten Great Lies and How They Shaped the World. 

Our conversation begins with how Britain has selectively constructed its view of Winston Churchill to the point that he is a quasi-fictional character. Otto masterfully smashes through our misconceptions about the Battle of Britain and myths about Hitler, Francis Drake, and others. 

Otto reflects on how ‘fake history’ affects us today, as seen through Brexit, and how leaders of the Leave campaign propagated symbols of the war to represent ‘the good old days’. His arguments are heartfelt and highly compelling.  

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Episode published: Feb 23, 2023

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