Deep Dive   Feb 26, 2021

The roadmap out of lockdown

With Mick Booker, Vicky Pryce & Natalie Grover

Assessing the government’s step-by-step plan for Covid-19 recovery

In this week’s ‘deep dive’ host Chris Wright discusses the government’s four-step roadmap to easing lockdown restrictions, based on the vaccine deployment continuing successfully. In this episode, Chris is joined by  editor of the Sunday Express Mick Booker, economist and business consultant Vicky Pryce, and The Guardian’s science correspondent and freelance reporter, Natalie Grover. 

Together they address concerns about sending children back to school and the ‘catch-up’ narrative putting extra pressure on teachers; discuss changing sentiments around work-life balance and whether people will want to return to office-based work once they can leave their homes; and with a reported surge in airline stocks, they question if borders will open for holidaymakers and more importantly, when we can expect to see a return to some sense of “normality”?

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Episode published: Feb 26, 2021

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