News Roundtable   Jun 1, 2022

Royal Platinum Jubilee, Boris Johnson’s Premiership & Travel Chaos

With Nadira Tudor, Poppy Wood & Cat Neilan


In this week’s News Roundtable episode, Chris Wright joins Nadira Tudor, news anchor, broadcast journalist & presenter; Poppy Wood, senior reporter for the i newspaper; and Cat Neilan, senior UK political editor at Insider.

The episode begins with the panellists discussing the upcoming royal Platinum Jubilee. They give their thoughts on whether we are as committed to the monarchy as we’ve always been despite the recent scandals. They also debate about what the future of the monarchy will look like after the Queen’s reign – will it be the end of an era?

The conversation then moves on to discuss Boris Johnson’s premiership and if the jubilee will act as a distraction to the ongoing scandals. They also share their predictions for the upcoming by-elections; could the Conservatives be on track to lose both seats? They question if Boris could survive the vote of no-confidence and if it will come before the by-elections.

Together, Chris and the panellists also give their takes on the current chaos as travellers have been met with cancelled flights and long queues at airports. They delve into the knock-on effects caused by changes in immigration policies, issues caused during the pandemic and Brexit, and how we are now feeling the repercussions.

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Episode published: Jun 1, 2022

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