News Roundtable   Nov 12, 2021

“Sleaze” row, cash for access & MPs under scrutiny

With Naomi Smith, Stephen Canning & Siobhan Benita


In this week’s ‘News Roundtable’ episode, host Chris Wright is joined by Naomi Smith, chief executive of Best for Britain & co-host of the ‘Oh God, What Now? podcast;’ Stephen Canning, strategic communications consultant; and Siobhan Benita, former civil servant & London Mayor candidate 2020.

The conversation begins by discussing the resignation of North Shropshire Conservative MP Owen Paterson, for breaching lobby rules and to shine a light on the current scrutiny of MPs expenses and second jobs, and the major accusations of “sleaze” towards Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party.

The chat then moves on to consider whether the prime minister is looking vulnerable and likely to face a leadership challenge. They discuss how the “sleaze scandals” acted as a distraction during COP26 – when the focus should have been on climate talks, and how this has impacted his popularity on the international stage.

Together guests chew over a deeping generational divide in the Conversative Party and explore reports of a ‘cash-for-access culture’, which has allowed MPs to be put forward for seats in the House of Lords.

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Episode published: Nov 12, 2021

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