News Roundtable   Aug 6, 2021

Travel changes, scrapping furlough & Priti Patel’s Channel control

With Georgina Godwin, Gavin Hewitt & Matt Dathan

A round-up and review of the week’s biggest news stories

In this week’s ‘News Roundtable’ episode, Chris is joined by broadcast journalist Georgina Godwin, writer and broadcaster Gavin Hewitt, and journalist and home affairs editor Matt Dathan.

The conversation begins with guests discussing changes to travel restrictions for fully vaccinated people in the US and EU, and Chris tries to nail down a small bugbear –  why France was placed on the amber-plus list. 

The discussion moves on to talk about the images of migrants crossing the Channel which are dominating the front pages. They debate how significant this issue really is, Priti Patel’s role in controlling the situation and rules around criminalising those who are seeking to secure their futures.

Together they also share views on the impact of the furlough scheme coming to an end, and Belarus sprinter Kristina Timanovskaya, who was almost forced to return to her home after she criticized her coaches.

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Episode published: Aug 6, 2021

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