News Roundtable   Apr 16, 2021

Travel uncertainty, complaints over Prince Philip coverage and the return of the British high street?

With Christina Patterson, Ryan Howsam & Adam Schwarz

A round-up and review of the week’s biggest news stories

This week is our ‘News Roundtable’ format, where host Chris Wright discusses the week’s biggest stories with journalists and decision-makers. In this episode, Chris is joined by journalist and broadcaster Christina Patterson, founder and chief executive of the Staysure Group Ryan Howsam, and writer and political commentator Adam Schwarz.

The discussion begins with reactions to the level of media coverage surrounding the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, questioning why the BBC – despite having a largely royalist audience -received over 100,000 complaints.

The conversation then moves to David Cameron’s lobbying scandal, looking at how the issue has become increasingly visible and concerning – and how rife the corruption really is at the centre of our government. 

Guests also exchange views on whether we’re any closer to booking our summer holidays; the reopening of the high street; British expats returning from Spain following post-Brexit rules, and Rachel Blackmore’s historic Grand National triumph.

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Episode published: Apr 16, 2021

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