Deep Dive   Sep 24, 2021

Will there be turkey for Christmas?

With Adam Schwarz, Paul Lewis, Marina Purkiss & Dr Curly Moloney

Food for thought

In this week’s ‘Deep Dive’ episode, host Chris Wright is joined by Adam Schwarz, writer and political commentator; Paul Lewis, financial journalist and broadcaster; Marina Purkiss, political commentator and marketing campaigner; and Dr Curly Moloney, chief executive and co-founder of the Cambridge Code.

The conversation begins with guests weighing up “Britain’s winter of woe”; empty supermarket shelves, panic buying, labor shortages and a rise in energy bills. They consider how these issues have assembled into a “perfect storm”; whether more gas firms are anticipated to “go bust”, and the impact this could have on the economy as it recovers from Covid.

The discussion moves on to talk about the nationwide decline in HGV drivers and recent changes to test rules in a bid to tackle shortages. Guests consider the impact of Brexit on the lack of qualified drivers, and debate whether the government is “compromising the safety of our roads.”

Guests also chew over Co2 shortages, delays to border controls, and the impact that cuts to universal credit could have on the most vulnerable people in society, during the winter months.

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Episode published: Sep 24, 2021

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